Sunday, November 11 2018

The very interesting trip around the world of

Le paradis existe bien sur terre mais il est parsemé sur toute la surface de la planète. Pour trouver le paradis, il faut parcourir le monde et essayer de rassembler tous les petits morceaux.
Jean-Baptiste de

From 1980 until 2015, a family with two kids has sailed around the world and shared their experience on
This is such a rich experience.

Thursday, November 8 2018

Google project fi

The very interesting Google project fi

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Gone with the Wynns - Stay connected

A young couple, Jason and Nikki sailing around the world on a catamaran, upscale ;)

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Monday, November 5 2018

"La mer est ronde" - "The sea is round"

Don't miss this book from Jean Francois Deniaud "La mer est ronde".

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Friday, November 2 2018

5 Things in Sailing I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Very interesting and funny testimony testimony on the website of the American Sailing Association.

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Monday, October 29 2018

Ticket To The Moon - Hammock

The hammocks Ticket To The Moon are more than just hammocks.

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The Route du Rhum

On Sunday November 4th, The Route du Rhum will start in Saint-Malo. This mythical sailing race is celebrating the 40 years.

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Sunday, October 28 2018

Sail with the Flo

Amy and Matt sailing around the world on Florence and sharing beautiful moments.

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Saturday, October 27 2018

Balanec Atao

A French family from Brittany sailing in French Polynesia, and proposing to share their experience if you want to get on board

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Raiatea Yacht

Raiatea Yacht - Yacht broker in French Polynesia

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I like to go sailing, So What...

I like to go sailing, So What ... The list of my sailing cruises, already 53!

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Sailing UMA

Very nice young couple who prefer not to buy a couch, but to buy a boat ;

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La Longue Route - the race

To follow La longue route 2018, the pilgrimage with Moitessier's spirit.

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